New to L.A. Styling - OLAPLEX

olaplex before and after

OLAPLEX is a deep nourishing conditioning treatment now available at L.A. Styling!

This conditioning treatment can be used in many ways as follows:

OLAPLEX ‘Stand-Alone Treatment

To incorporate alongside a styling service to maintain good healthy hair that has been compromised due to excessive chemical treatments, heated tools, combing/brushing (mechanical), or even environmental factors. You will notice this by hair becoming dry, frizzy, dull, or even hair breakage.

This OLAPLEX ‘Stand Alone’ treatment is also beneficial to clients who need to build up moisture levels/strength in hair 1-2 weeks prior to a technical service being carried out.  

This service can also be incorporated into your technical service, preventing hair from being compromised through bleaching and colouring.

OLAPLEX Stand Alone conditioning treatment works in the inner structure of the hair and repairs broken bonds (Disulphide Bonds).  This ‘bond building’ technology will dramatically improve the strength, Hydration, and smoothness of your hair.

Retail products are available to maintain hair condition at home, just ask for more details on your next visit to the salon.

You will be totally amazed!

OLAPLEX Stand Alone treatment………………………… from £15.00

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