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  • How do I get my hair back into good condition?

Hair should be cut every 5-8 weeks, depending on rate of hair growth. Good hair does not end in the salon, a good home hair regime is key to maintaining healthy hair too. Products that contain Argan Oil are great for the hair, adding nourishment and reducing frizz. If you use a lot of heated tools, it is essential to use styling products that have heat protection that is up to 230⁰ and UV barrier. Conditioning masks are highly recommended, adding vitamins and minerals to the hair and in some products re-bonding the hair internally. 

  • How often should I wash my hair?

Hair should be washed every 2-3 days.

  • How do I prevent colour fade?

My top tip is to always use a surface conditioner every time you wash your hair and a deep conditioning masque once a week. This closes the hair cuticles, reducing colour fade. As we all know heated styling equipment can damage the hair with constant use. By using a heat defence spray will limit this dramatically by not damaging the internal/external structure of the hair, holding those colour molecules in place!

  • How often do I need my regrowth colour done?

Regrowth application of colour should be carried out every 6-8 weeks, depending on hair growth.

  • How often do I need foils done?

Ideally this service should be carried out every 10-12 weeks; depending on hair growth. I do recommend to clients alternating their ‘full head’ foils with ‘½ head’ foils each time. This prevents colour build up and maintaining good healthy hair.

  • Do I need to wash my hair prior to a bridal trial?

Yes. You need to wash and condition your hair the night before or morning of service. I do recommend a Sulphate Free shampoo and conditioner to be used. I also recommend hair to be blow-dried smooth from root to tip with a boar bristled brush or paddle brush for smoothness (no straighteners).

  • Should I bring images with me on hair/makeup trial?

It is always a good idea to bring images along with you on your trial. This gives your stylist a good idea of what the client likes/dislikes. I also recommend images of your own application of makeup as this shows how light/heavy your natural makeup look is.

  • Why does my hair always drop when styled?

Hairsprays and certain shine sprays are good for reducing the amount of humidity absorbed into the hair, reducing hair from collapse!

  • When do I need to book a hair/makeup trial?

Usually I recommend 6- 8 weeks beforehand. This gives you adequate time for any alterations that may need to be made beforehand. 

Hair/Makeup Consultations:

A trial/consultation with myself, Lee Ann, will be held at my place of work, which is in Deal, Kent. This venue is excellent for space for group bookings and has a wide range of equipment! If this is difficult for you, we can discuss alternative arrangements.

Bridal/hair or ‘in-salon’ consultations are not carried out on Sundays, Bank Holidays, or in December.

All tools and equipment are fully sterilized before/during and after each consultation carried out by Lee Ann.

If a technical service in which chemicals are applied to a client’s skin, a patch test is required 48 hours before service. If a client declines a patch test, this service will be declined.

Clients will be requested at technical consultation to complete a record card and information such as contact details, and hair/skin tests conducted will be taken, this will be signed by both parties. All client information is kept confidential.

If on an occasion, an infection/infestation is noticed on the hair or scalp during consultation, a client’s service will be postponed or stopped to seek medical advice or treatment by a physician. 

Any person seeking a technical service under the age of 16 years will need to seek parental consent.

Client Responsibilities:

Any products that are supplied by the client; Lee Ann Grevatt will not take any responsibility for the process/outcome.

Lee Ann (L.A.Styling) must be made aware of any allergies or medication that a client has during a consultation; in this case, a patch or strand test may be required or alternative products may be used. This is extremely important as this could affect the service. If on the rare occasion, an infection is noticed, a client’s hair/makeup service will not proceed. This must be made aware before a client’s service has taken place.

The client agrees to release Lee Ann Grevatt (L.A.Styling) from any liability for any skin/scalp complications due to an allergic reaction.


When travelling to a venue, the first 10 miles are included in an appointment. For distances over this, there will be an addition of 45p per mile.

Parking/public transport/congestion/Toll charges or Dart charges will be payable to the client.

Payment Requirements:

In-Salon Services:

All ‘In-salon services’ must be paid on the day by Cash, BACs, or Credit/Debit Card.

In rare occasions, some services may need to pay a non-refundable deposit, this will be discussed on booking.

New clients who book at L.A Styling may be asked for a non-refundable deposit; this will be discussed at consultation.

All non-refundable deposits have to be paid up to 7 days before service is carried out (Lee Ann Grevatt discretion) and the remainder of the service price on the day. If the non-refundable deposit has not been received, the service will be terminated, and the client will be contacted accordingly.

Bookings that already have paid a non-refundable deposit can change up to 48 hours before the appointment and the deposit will be carried across but will be lost if under 48 hours stated or cancellation of booking occurs.

All bookings that need to be changed that do not have a non-refundable deposit will need up to 48hours’ notice; charges may occur but at the discretion of Lee Ann Grevatt (L.A.Styling).

Cutting & Coloring Discount Loyalty Cards

Cutting and colouring discount loyalty cards can only be used by the individual stated on the card. Discount Loyalty cards cannot be given to any other family member or individual. Any service that proceeds over the expiry date will not be valid. It is the client’s responsibility to produce their discount card on payment and L.A. Styling does not reserve the right to back-date services.

Bridal/Special Occasion Hair & Makeup

Bridal/special occasion hair or makeup consultations must be paid on the day by Debit/Credit Card, Bac’s, or cash.

A non-refundable deposit of 20% for the wedding day hair/ or makeup service is needed to secure your appointment. This must be paid up to 7 days from the consultation date. Failure to make payment will result in your appointment being terminated. A single client supplement of £40 will be added to weekend weddings of May-Oct. £25 will be off-peak times.

A wedding day balance, (less deposit) must be paid 1 month before the set date. If payment is not made, the booking will be terminated.  

For any bookings made 4 weeks before your special day; 100% payment is required, which must be paid on consultation.

Hiring of Clip–In Hair Extensions:

Temporary hiring of ‘Clip–In’ hair extensions is available at L.A. Styling. A hire charge will be given on consultation and will vary based on the hair extension length and clip-in range. Before clients receive their hair extensions, they will undergo a conditioning treatment within the pack given to the client; this will contain a detangling brush.  

*Please note that the ‘Hiring fee’ will reflect on the clip-in value purchase cost. When returned, the hair will be inspected and if deemed in good condition of when the client received it; a refund of the value cost (less £50 1-day higher charge) will be refunded back within 24 hours. A prepaid envelope will be given to the client on receiving the extensions with a returned address. Failure to return within 10 days, your hiring fee will be non-refundable, this is at the discretion of Lee Ann at L.A. Styling.

‘No-Shows’ or Cancellation:

In Salon bookings & Bridal/Special Occasion

In Salon bookings:

If in the unlikely event, an appointment is a ‘no-show’ or a client cancels 24 hours or less before an appointment and cannot be refilled, 100% payment of service may be required. If a client cancels 24 hours before a hair appointment 50% off the service will be charged; this would be down to Lee Ann’s discretion.

Bridal/Special Occasion

Cancellations by myself due to ill-health, acts of God, or personal emergency, a client will receive a 100% full refund. If this occurs, I will try to find an alternative hair/makeup artist to carry out your service. They will be given a detailed brief of requirements and any additional products to fulfil this service.

Any cancellations made by the client; or payments already made will not be refunded.      

If a booking is cancelled 4 weeks before a wedding/special occasion; 30% of the invoice will need to be paid. If a cancellation by the client is made up to 7 days before the service, 100% of the invoice is to be paid.

Lee Ann (L.A Styling) is more than welcome to adjust the number of bridal parties. If an individual from a bridal party cancels up to 4 weeks before the wedding date, a 30% surcharge will be added to the original invoice.

If additional persons are added to a trial/wedding day, please inform Lee Ann as soon as possible. This is to make sure adequate tools/equipment and timings are considered.

Sundays/Bank Holiday Weddings/Special Occasion:

£50 surcharge for Sundays/Bank Holidays Bookings

£30 Out of hours (Before 7.30 am)


Before service, Lee Ann (L.A. Styling) may ask clients if photo images can be taken of client’s hair/makeup looks to build her portfolio and social media platforms. If you do not wish this to happen, please make this aware of her.

Business Insurance & Liabilities:

Lee Ann Grevatt (L.A. Styling) has full public liability insurance from a reputable broker.

Any hair/makeup artist brought to assist Leeann (L.A. Styling) will have the relevant insurance.

Lee Ann Grevatt (L.A. Styling) is not liable for any suppliers that are recommended to clients.

Wedding Insurance:

It is encouraged that brides obtain wedding insurance.

By signing you agree to the above terms and conditions


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Download your copy of L.A.Styling T&Cs

L.A.Styling Terms and Conditions

Since March 2020, hair and makeup services have had to uptake more strenuous health and safety guidelines due to COVID-19. Additional steps have been taken to protect the wellbeing of myself and client regarding close contact services and how they are carried out. Health and safety have always been my upmost top priority within this industry but at the same time providing the most professional and enjoyable salon experience with me.


Covid-19 ‘In-Salon Guidelines’:

♦If you or a member of your family feel un-well or have recently exspirenced any cold/flu/covid-19 symptoms, please phone to reschedule your appointment.

♦Face covering should be worn prior to entering the salon and during your visit, unless exempt for medical reasons.

♦Your temperate will be taken on arrival and hand sanitiser will be supplied to you.

♦Client’s personal items to be kept at a minimum, essential items only.

♦Please come alone unless you need personal assistance.

♦All cutting services will require hair to be washed at the salon prior to service.

♦Full PPE will be worn by myself.

♦Cold drinks will be dispensed in a disposable cup.

♦Social distancing of 2 metres is in place: safeguarding yourself and others.

♦Cash payments are welcome but encourage card/bacs payments.

♦All tools, equipment and work areas are fully sterilised before/during and after each client.

♦Perspex screens have been placed at the basin area and reception to prevent cross- contamination.


Covid-19 ‘On location’ Hair & Makeup Services:

♦When working on location all the sterilisation/PPE guidelines will always be maintained.  To keep social distancing; only myself and one other person (the client) is to be present in my work area at any given time.

♦Additional time must be considered on booking for sterilisation of work area, change of PPE after each client and to prepare for the next.